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amore, angus, angus hammond, anthony, backup vocals, bass players, being hairy, being sexy, being sweaty, better hair than carl, big hair, big sunglasses, blowjob mouths, carl, chesthair, chubs, coopers, david hammond, didz hammond, dirty pretty things, facial hair, fatty didz, fenders, gary, getting poached by carl, getting very drunk, gigs, goldfish lips, herons, high heeled boots, incredibly tight jeans, leather jackets, little drummer boy outfits, little gay dogs, losing anthony on trains, lovehandles, mouthbreathing, muffin tops, mutton chops, nicknames, nico, not being skinny, not loose jeans, not nose breathing, not shaving, oh come on, open mouths, pet shop boys, playing bass, playing goalie, pornstache, pouts, ridiculous children's names, rocky racoon, scarves, schoolboy outfits, shitscars, shopping lists, shoving money in trousers, spitting milk, stella artois, stripey tops, that white v-neck, the action, the cooper temple clause, the same belt everyday, they smell divine, ties, tim burgess, waistcoats, waterloo to anywhere, where the action is, you fucking love it